11 Ideas for a Rose Theme Nursery or Kid Room

11 Ideas for a Rose Theme Nursery or Kid Room

Rose and Garden Themed rooms are all the rage on Pinterest right now! We love the garden theme because it's allows for classic bedroom decor that can evolve as your child ages.

Plus, the traditional pink rose theme is slowly being replaced with other versions - bold colors, unique blues, etc. We also found that a floral themed nursery could be subtle and less "themey" in terms of decor. There are also little girls rooms that go all out with the roses and fairy tale style, which we love too!

Here are some ideas on how to add a hint (or much more) of rose garden energy to a bedroom or nursery.

Simple Accessories

The creamy white and blush pastel in this nursery tied in together really well, it gives you that calm and 'awww' effect. The featured mirror blends in really well with the chandelier, not to mention the rocking swan!


Bold & Blue

Loving how un-nursery this nursery is! The blue and the brushed gold give you the modern mid century feel, and the beautiful plant adds that earthy feeling to the nursery.

Source: @hunkerhome


Paper Flowers

Putting the giant paper flowers surrounding the circle wooden wall decor is a brilliant idea! It looks very elegant yet fun at the same time. The different tone of purple and cream work in harmony. 


Golden Girl

The nursery is so bright and beautiful. Playing around with different pastel colors and the brilliant gold name decor make the room quite versatile, and can be easily turned from a nursery to a girl's room.

Source: @sara_khamis_design 


Soft & Bright

If this isn't the sweetest nursery you have ever seen, I don't know where you've been. The white and the pastel colors, with pop of green from the pot plants, making it a timeless interior design. The feature wall is elegant, sweet and timeless.


Floral Mobile

Trying not to just stare at the little cutie pie, the rose mobile is a creative way to pimp it up. The natural wood circle ties in really well with the soft colours in the nursery. Even the bedlinen is in theme with the decor.

Source: @virginiaesquire 


Elegant Wall Décor

These little hoop wreaths are such a great addition to the little one's room! You can easily add them to any theme you may have in your nursery.

Source: @purpleandpine  

Fairytale Garden

This nursery screams fairy tales! The rose garland softens the natural wooden crib/bed, and the circle wooden decor gives the room a character. 


Floral Letters

This is such a creative way to reuse and recycle what you may already have at home, and it's such a great idea for a quality crafternoon time with the family. The combination of different flowers are very sweet.


Bright Wallpaper

The circle wooden decor ties in nicely with the colorful background/wallpaper. I love the hand painted look of the flowers, it looks a lot of fun, you can't help but feel joy when you look at this!


 Customized Wooden Signs

The easiest way to add a theme to any bedroom is with an eye-catching sign that can be customized to your color scheme, theme, and even the name of your child. Having your child's name on their wall can help them to feel unique and take pride on their own room.

Check out all our unique sign ideas for Girl Rooms, including many different floral designs.

What themes did you like most? Do you want to go bold or stay simple?

Enjoy implementing some of these Rose Garden Theme ideas to your child's room and let us know which ones you loved the most.

Happy decorating!

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