12 Coffee Station Ideas for the Coffee Lover

12 Coffee Station Ideas for the Coffee Lover

For many of us, a fresh cup of coffee is a morning must, but the clutter and mess that come with are not! Whether it’s clambering through a cabinet of mugs to find your favorite, or accidentally mixing up the decaf coffee bag with the regular, if you’re a coffee lover like us, it may be time to add a coffee station to your home. 

Creating your own coffee station can be a fun and easy project, especially if you take inspiration from our list of amazing coffee station ideas:

Display Your Coffee Station in a Cabinet

Worried about having a messy coffee station in your kitchen? Create a coffee corner inside a kitchen cabinet, giving you the ability to close it up anytime you want. 

coffee station

Source: eye-swoon.com

coffee station

Source: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

coffee station

Source: afreshspace

Get Creative With Your Cup Storage

Why keep them locked away in the cupboard when you can put them on display? Try hanging them or adding them to a shelf above the station. 

coffee station

Source elrincondeclau

coffee station

Source: jlmdesignsca

Create a Vintage Look

Using an old crate you can create a super stylish vintage look to your coffee station. Either pull one a part to use as decor or use the crate as storage.


Source: diycraftsffood.com

Upcycle Jars for Storage

You can use mason jars or upcycle used jars to store things in like coffee beans, coffee pods, sugar, and any other delights you want at your coffee station.

Coffee Station 

Source: justahintofpink

coffee station

Source: roxysvida

Display a Rustic Coffee Sign

Add a rustic feel to your coffee station with our wooden framed ‘Coffee Bar’ farmhouse sign, perfect for the coffee lover

coffee station

Try a Trolley

Not got the space for a coffee station? Or maybe you like the idea of changing it up every now and then? In that case, add a drinks trolley and create a coffee station on wheels that you can move around should you feel like a change. 

coffee station

Source: popsugar

Make a Statement with a Tray

Something as simple as adding a tray for your coffee materials, can have a beautiful impact on your kitchen. 

coffee station

Source: thebeardandthebelle 

coffee station

Source: miss_lulii

Which idea of these 12 is your favorite?

Want to add a more personal touch to your coffee station? Check out more of our custom signs, we love creating them for your home.

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