16 Ideas for a Stylish Gender-Neutral Nursery

16 Ideas for a Stylish Gender-Neutral Nursery

The perfect nursery should be a calm and peaceful space, for both baby and you. This is where your little one will be most cared for, where they will rest and feed and need to feel safe, so it’s only natural to want to create the perfect little haven for your baby.

But no need to panic about the pink paint or begin ordering buckets of blue, nor do you need to go down the dreaded 'neutral' yellow path. There are plenty of stylish ways to create a beautiful yet practical gender-neutral nursery. Here, we share 16 of them: 

Go Green 

You can avoid blue, pink, and yellow all together by choosing a beautiful and calming neutral shade of green.

gender-neutral nursery

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gender-neutral nursery

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Believe in Brown 

It may not be the cutest color on the chart, but paired with beautiful beige shades, a brown color scheme can provide a neutral yet cosy and warm environment for your baby. 

gender-neutral nursery
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gender-neutral nursery

Go Grey 

Grey is another popular neutral shade that blends well with so many many other colors. 

gender-neutral nursery

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gender-neutral nursery

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Be Black, White & Bold 

In the first year of their life, babies respond well to simple, bold patterns in high contrast, so opting for black and white decor could help your little one to focus. 

gender-neutral nursery

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Add a Bold Gallery Wall

In keeping with the bold theme, add a gallery wall to your baby’s nursery for both simple style, with the added benefit of keeping your little one stimulated. Need some help creating a gallery wall? We've got you covered.

gender-neutral nursery 

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Add a Pop of Yellow

If yellow is a color you would like featured in your nursery, but you’re afraid of overdoing it, why not add it as a pop of color to brighten your neutral color scheme? 

gender-neutral nursery

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Choose a Theme

Rather than choosing a color scheme, try choosing a neutral theme, such as animals or safari theme. This will make picking the colors and decor much easier. 

gender-neutral nursery

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Upgrade Your Theme With Adventurous Wall Decors

Add an adventure or a story to your nursery by adding a wall decor to one of the walls.  

gender-neutral nursery

Source: Harrison_nate_and_me

Mix It Up

Try mixing masculine & feminine shades together, such as deep blues with light pinks and oranges.

gender-neutral nursery

Source: bayliss.storybook

Create a Rainbow Room

Opt for a gentle mix of pastel shades to create a colorful gender-neutral space.

gender-neutral nursery

Source: cravyandco

Go Deeper 

If it’s blues and pinks you desire for your nursery, but you want to keep it gender-neutral, you can avoid the baby blues and baby pinks by choosing deeper darker shades of these colors. 

Source: Harrison_nate_and_me

Use Plants to Brighten the Bland

If you’re worried you have overdone it on the beige in attempt to keep it neutral, simply add some green plants for a pop of color, whilst bringing a fresh feel to it. 

gener-neutral nursery

Source: sarahlagen.com

gender-neutral nursery

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We hope you enjoyed this list of stylish ways to create a gender-neutral nursery. Let us know below which one is your favorite. 

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