17 Simple Ideas for a Small Laundry Room

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17 Simple Ideas for a Small Laundry Room

Although laundry rooms are often small and usually functional vs fun, we still think this little space deserves some love.

The laundry room, like every room in the house, has a purpose - just because that purpose is a chore, doesn’t mean it should be a bore!

It makes us sad when we see these spaces being neglected. Little laundry rooms still have the potential to go from corners of chaos to a wonderfully organised washroom. 

Here are 17 simple ideas for decorating a small laundry room:

Add shelves & get creative

Adding shelves is the easiest way to give any room a facelift. It helps to declutter and creates more opportunity for cute decor. 

Stunning! @pizzazzbargains

So little clutter and chaos, gorgeous! @a.casa.da.ana

Storage baskets are a laundry rooms best friend @pizzazzbargains

Stack your machines

Save on space by stacking your washer and dryer and add storage around it. A simple but very effective laundry room hack. 

This tiny space has been used brilliantly @thelongawaitedhome

So sleek! @pizzazzbargains

Small but it does the job @rosedoorhome

We love this whole entire unit @pizzazzbargains

Get super-organized 

It’s time to put an end to rummaging for the soap and tripping up on the half-used bottles of detergent. Taking an afternoon out of your schedule to have a clear-out and put an organised laundry room system in place will not only save you time in the long-haul, but, when done efficiently, it will look stunning. 

What a cupboard display @miriamkeoshian

When storage becomes fun @organisedbylucy

Add racks & hangers

We love this trend! Whether it’s a wall rack, coat hangers, a rack for hangers, or even a laundry ladder (as pictured below) these nifty little helpers take up hardly any space, allow for more creative decor opportunities and they look fantastic!

This laundry room is adorable @pizzazzbargains

Racks, hangers and a gorgeous tile to top it off - perfect @roomforrevival

What a handy wall rack @pizzazzbargains

Add wall decor

Let's start making this room a bit more fun, eh? The simplest way to do this is by adding decor to the walls. Think vintage signs or cut-out words. 

So vintage! @thriftydiyer

Check out our framed 'wash Dry Fold Repeat' signs - perfect for a laundry room of any size. 

Our popular 'Laundry' cut-out sign is one of our faves for for sprucing up the utility room. 

Add Plants

When in doubt - add plants! Plants fix any home decor issue.

Plants AND wall decor - nailed it! @farmhouse.charm

We love how these plants brighten up such a tiny space @goldenfoxcottage

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