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18 Ideas for the Ultimate Farmhouse Family Room

Originally, farmhouse design was all about simplicity and practicality. However, in recent years it has evolved into its own stunning style of decor. Today the farmhouse trend remains a practical style, but with so much warmth and character.

It’s cozy and relaxing charm, combined with its clean and practical theme, has made farmhouse decor a popular choice for families, and rightly so. Thats why we have found 18 ideas to help you create the ultimate farmhouse family room…

Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Not only a space to encourage the kids to read, but a space for you to have a warm and cozy moment once they've gone to bed. 

Farmhouse Family Room

We love @fusseyfashionandbeauty autumn themed nook.

Farmhouse Family Room

@tiffanyclaire_ proves that sometimes just one or two simple piece's can make the perfect farmhouse nook.

Farmhouse Family Room

We think this Christmas themed nook by @c.b._designs looks unbelievably cozy and relaxing.

Add Warm Lighting

Farmhouse lighting should be soft and warm, nothing too bright and bold, think fairy lights and lanterns.

Farmhouse Family Room


@herzenstimme shares how you can create beautiful comforting farmhouse lighting in every room of your home.

Farmhouse Family Room

Spend most of your time outside as a family? No problem, you can create a farmhouse feel in the outside of your home using candles and fairy lights just like @herzenstimme

Farmhouse Family Room

Establish a warm tone in the family room and then use it outdoors too by hanging lights with the same colour and tone, just as @thecabinland has done.

Layer with Blankets

Not only do blankets layered on sofa's provide the charming farmhouse warmth we all crave, but they're practical for keeping crumbs and crayons off the sofa's too!

Farmhouse Family Room

We love how @comfyhomeshop has this beautiful blanket draped over their chair.

Farmhouse Family Room

Ultimate blanket & sofa goals by @notyetafarmhouse - don't you agree?

Use a Chalkboard

Chalkboards have become a popular part of farmhouse decor because they're simple, stylish but practical. And of course, what child doesn't love drawing on a chalkboard? 

Farmhouse Family Room

@edelweiss_home went big and bold we and we love it. 

Farmhouse Family Room

@hazelhouseandhearth goes a charming step further by adding autumn bunting to their family chalkboard.

Farmhouse Family Room

@inspireddesignbyjp adds a small & simple chalkboard to the family room nook and even admits it can be very handy during a 'timeout'. 

Adopt a Big Family Table

You can't get more farmhouse than a big beautiful family table. The heart of the family room, a large rustic dining table is perfect for serving up your family meals or hosting a big gathering for family & friends. 

Farmhouse Family Room
@bycolossus creates a super cozy corner table by using a soft bench with warm cushions.
Farmhouse Family Room
We adore this open plan farmhouse family room, created by @ywgrealestate, the rustic wooden table completes the room!
Farmhouse Family Room
Family tables with benches is a huge farmhouse trend and we love it, so does @josefandrosco
Farmhouse Family Room
@home_with_the_whites  mixes it up by using table chairs alongside big beautiful sofa chairs and we think it looks stunning. 

Add a Charming Wall Sign

Rustic charm features heavily within farmhouse decor, and these beautiful signs represent exactly that. 

 Farmhouse Family Room

This adorable 'I love us' framed sign says everything you ever need to say to your family and would be the perfect addition to any family wall.

Farmhouse family room

Our 'Always & Forever' wall sign is not only a beautiful sentiment but a stylish feature on a crisp white wall; one of our favorite features within our farmhouse family room.

Will you be applying any of these tips to your family room? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below?

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