21 Gender Nuetral Nursery Ideas for 2021

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21 Gender Nuetral Nursery Ideas for 2021

Creating the perfect gender-neutral nursery is easier than ever before with these 21 adorable theme ideas for 2021.

The perfect nursery should be a calm and peaceful space, for both baby and you. This is where your little one will be most cared for, where they will rest and feed and need to feel safe, so it’s only natural to want to create the perfect little haven for your baby.

There's no need to panic about knowing the gender ahead of time or feeling the need to follow old norms! Plus, gender-neutral no longer requires the dreaded 'neutral' yellow path. There are plenty of stylish ways to create a beautiful yet practical gender-neutral nursery.

Here, we share 21 nursery ideas for 2021: 


Dino Theme

Dinosaurs are trending again and we are loving it!

This is a great idea for gender-neutral rooms and you can add pops of color for extra personality. You can add dino decor on the walls, adorable plush animals, and other adorable accessories.

This adorable dino wall paper add a pop of theme decor without overdoing it. With the plant decor or feminineity and soft greens, it's a great gender-neutral design that we adore from @mrscarr_.

Adding dino decor is easier than ever before with our handmade and customizabe Dino Nursery Sign. Signs are such an easy way to add personality to the room without giving too much effort.

This is another adorable wallpaper option that was shared from @wildflower.dwelling. What we love about this room is the mouse-themed playhouse combo with the dinos in the background.


Safari Adventure

Animals are always a fun option for a nursery! Safari animals give an energy of wild adventure while also combining cute, plush decor.

Plus, the colors and decor are very gender neutral!

This is such a simple way to add decor to a minimalist nursery. The hanging decor and giant plush toy is all you need to feel the safari atmosphere designed by @gardenrosemaman.

@littlehouseonalittleland found a stunning and simple wallpaper for her safari nursery. The black and white decor is always a great gender-neutral option.

This is such a fun and artsy wallpaper that @elisechristine12 found! Don't like the pink fool you - this bold design is great for any little one's bedroom with an artistic edge.


Boho Fab Nursery

Boho chic with neutral colors, textures, and natural decor is a playful way of creating a gender-neutral themed nurseries. Think - soft colors, cozy spaces, and natural elements.

Having a mini tent in your little one's room? How fun is that! @santucci.family made such a fun combination of a nursery and adventurous playroom with the boho theme.

@Kathleen_hsu created such a great gender-neutral, boho themed nursery for her little one - Cameron. Our favorite part? The adorable elephant!

A hammock chair?! Yes, please! We love how simple, cozy, and sweet this twin nursery from @katiellisroberts is.


Playful Pokadots

Pokadots are still in!

You can do rainbow pokadots or a standard shade of pokadots - all of which can be gender neutral and fun!

Okay, not only are the walls done with pokadots, but the art on the alternate wall is also such a unique take on pokadots art from @mama.manhattan. Plus, the retro kitchen is just too cute.

@Projectnursery shared this great take on simple pokadots idea with a gender-neutral black spots. We also love the swans!

More rainbow pokadots! This is a great way that @ajainjohnson placed pokadots throughout the themed room - from the walls to the pillow cover.


Desert Cactus Love

Cacti and succelents aren't only popular home office decor, but their continuing to trend in 2021 in the nursery space as well. Plus, the soft green colors work for both baby boys and girls!

How stunning is this sage green on the wall of this nursery from @mpw011?! If you look closely, you can also see the adorable plush cacti in the crib.

What makes cacti even more adorable? A customized sign with a cute little llama too! You can grab your own cactus sign here.

The cactus and llama combo is adorable here! No only did @jaytayleite find this adorable plush toy, but look closely and the hanging mobile - so sweet.

@thebohochaser has such a fun combo of playful art and boho cacti in this room. The gold and green combo in this nursery makes me want to redo my own bedroom.


Playful Outdoor Adventures

Bring the adventure into the nursery with beautiful mountains and outdoor wonderland decor. Plus, both little boys and girls love to play out in the wild - so it's a great gender-neutral option for your nursery.

I know - the little one in this photo is already enough to swoon over. Then, @laurens.lightenedlife brought in this gorgeous, water-color style wilderness wallpaper for such a lovely touch!

This bold blue is such a fun option, especially for a bright personality! While many nurseries are doing light, simple colors, there's something extra wild and playful about these blue mountains from @janellevannessphotography.

Bring the outdoors inside with these beautiful mountains on the wall! These dark and light green mountains from @mshoneysclasshive are so sweet and adds a boho flavor to the outdoors nursery.


Space Nursery

Did you know you can create a space-themed nursery without it being cheesy? With the stars and moon trending, there are so many unique ways to add a space theme to your little boy's or girl's room.

The beautiful, starry wallpaper from @nuniii is a creative way to add a space theme with a chic vibe. Plus, did you see the starwars quilt?!

Another gender-neutral nursery idea from @taylorhouseof3 with adorable star constellations. The combo of soft gray and gold work well for little boys and girls.

Looking for more nursery ideas? Get started with our variety of custom nursery signs for any theme you're putting together for your gender-neutral room.

We're curious - what's your favorite?

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