21 Ideas for Creating a Farmhouse Bathroom

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21 Ideas for Creating a Farmhouse Bathroom

Farmhouse decor isn’t just about a having a rustic kitchen or creating a cosy family room. This stylish trend with so much charm, has made its way to the bathroom too, and we’re very happy about that!

If you've read our previous posts, you'll know that this beautiful decor trend, known for that blending neutral colors with a mix of old & new furniture, is an absolute favorite of ours; which is why we wanted to dedicate an entire post to farmhouse bathrooms.

From warm & neutral tones, to the mixing of materials (such as the wood & tile combo) to the plant decor and beautiful signs, we’ve gathered 21 ideas for creating a farmhouse bathroom: 

We love the light tones of this bathroom combined with the wood @tentrailsliving

Modern tones with a vintage style basin, we love this bathroom @riverbend.acres 

A modern bathroom, with a vintage style rug, perfect @mavellahome

We love the greenery dotted throughout this little bathroom @allthingsrebeccaanne.home

The wood and wired baskets change the whole look and feel of this bathroom @lovingmodernfarmhouse

How adorable is this little bathroom, we especially love the wired basket to the hold the toilet paper @ourhomeblessed

Crisp white contrasting with different tones of wood, gorgeous! @emily_mundey

Even just the tiniest little wooden decor can completely change the style of your bathroom, as proven by @kelcyduvall

An absolutely stunning bathroom by @carolinasugarberryfarmhouse

A complete mix of old and new; the modern worktop, mixed with the dark wooden features. And lets not ignore the frilly shower curtain - we love it @farmtotablecreations

We can't get enough of these bathroom tiles! @mornings_on_macedonia

We love the combination of the floor tiles with the patterned wall tiles, such a fantastic contrast, and the plants really complete the whole look! @schweitzerlinen

We absolutely adore this bath! A gorgeous farmhouse feature @moorehouseinteriors

How adorable is this farm bucket shelving feature? @thecountrydoor

Excellent use of space @orchardslope

Simple but effective @scullyhouse_

Warm & neutral tones combined with the little black features, makes this bathroom a stunner. We especially love the antique style lamp @lifeoflenart

This isn't the first snellen chart we've seen, and we hope it's not the last - we love this trend! @lizzieslittlehome

We love bathroom with art! @fournorthfarmhouse


Speaking of bathroom art, we think our Quiet Woods Grateful sign would make a wonderful feature in any farmhouse bathroom. 

Looking for more wall decor, or perhaps a custom sign? Click here for more of our gorgeous handmade products.

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