21 Ideas for Easter Door Decor

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21 Ideas for Easter Door Decor

Easter is the season of brand new beginnings and fresh starts, with adorable bunnies and hatching eggs often being the symbol many use to celebrate this time.

Doors can also represent a fresh beginning; as the saying goes “when one door closes, another one opens.” So we decided to dedicate a post combining the two, resulting in - Easter door decor!

Think spring vibes and Easter details adorning the entrance to your home, to offer you, your family and your guests a refreshing, uplifting and happy welcome as they enter your home.

Whether your preference is florals, ribbons, or wreaths, there is something for everyone. Here are 21 ideas for Easter door decor...

A stunning display by @home_ideas_and_seasonal_inspo

So seasonal @selfbuild_gaothdobhair


We love this floral wreath @studio_twentyfour_

So much Easter elegance @kclee.co

How pretty @kazmakesahome

We think these hanging Easter bunnies are adorable @wash_m_paper

So simple but effective @cvjetna_galerija_oh_la_la

Another stunning wreath @girlatthecraftycottage

What a way to stand out @mam_kwiatki

A wreath made off little eggs? We can't handle the cuteness! @home_design_serbia_

We love this hanging ribbon @wee_river_designs

We can't tell if this is a wreath, a center piece, a headband, or all of the above. Either way, we love it! @mama_and_her_petals

Less = more, right @cb_creative_boutique ?

Christmas meets Easter! @faience_maiolica

A wreath to get everyone excited for Easter @sharonsdoordecor

We love the grass shapes! @lucyhamiltonathome

The cutest of little doors for the little Easter ducklings @samms_gingerbread_shed

We love this unique door hanger @onecreativemommie

Don't forget to decorate the kids doors too - we think our floral girls wall decor is perfect for Easter time!

Or how about some stunning statement wall decor, such as our hand crafted word cut-outs?

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To see more of our unique custom and hand-made products, check out our full catalogue here.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

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