24 Easy Easter Home Decor Ideas

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24 Easy Easter Home Decor Ideas

Spring is here and we’re preparing to add easter cheer to every room in the house! Sounds like a big task, right?

Not really!

Adding easter decor to your home is easy AND so much fun, in fact we’ve gathered 24 easy easter home decor ideas that you can get started on today.

These simple easter home decor ideas are the perfect way to bring in the spring and brighten up your family home. Not only that, but if you and the kids are feeling creative, a lot of these ideas could easily be turned into fun craft projects for the whole family to enjoy. 

Here are 24 easy easter home decor ideas...

Get Eggy!

The obvious but very very effective way to bring in the spring vibes and add an easter theme to your home, is to use eggs to decorate with and we are absolutely loving these unique and stunning ideas…








Fresh & Floral 

Bring the beauty of your garden inside your home by adding pretty pastel florals into your home. Think unique flower displays and sprinkles of tulips here and there…





Just Add Grass

Nothing says spring like freshly cut grass, right? That's probably why grass displays have quickly become the fun & fresh decor trend that everyone wants to add to their home…




Dried Grass & Florals

So you’ve got fresh flowers and gorgeous grass. For this next trend, try mixing those two things and dry them up. Yup, Dried grass and florals are huge right now, and they look so elegant. Find the right pastel shade and this could be the ultimate easter decor for your home







Easter Wall Decor

From cheerful chalkboards to easter art, express yourself through easter wall decor and let it take pride on your mantelpiece. Either create your own, or why not add one of our charming & cheerful wall decors to your home? 




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