29 Ideas to Uplevel Your Shelf Decor Game

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29 Ideas to Uplevel Your Shelf Decor Game

Decorating your shelves can be fun and immensely gratifying, but with so many options it can also be confusing to know which items to include in your personal display.

Have you ever seen beautifully decorated shelves, bookcases, or hutches and tried to repeat that same look in your home, only to be dissatisfied with the end result? Is it too much? Should I add more or take some things off? Oh, we hear you!

The best shelf decor often comes from items you already have at home. Objects that have special meaning to you or evoke certain memories make great shelf decor. We recommend that you start with a blank slate, even if you are planning to use some of the decor pieces for a fresh new look, as it might get too distracting and frustrating to decorate around them.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these shelf decor ideas that will inspire you and create visual interest in your home while providing much needed storage.

We are Loving These Bookshelf Decor Ideas







Adding Plants to Your Shelf Will Bring Your Display Alive and Give a Warm, Natural Feel to a Room










Bring The Greenery to Your Bedroom and Create a Sanctuary



A Brilliant Way to Hold Spare Towels, Beauty Products, and Toiletries



Add Charm and Style to a Nursery or a Child’s Room





Open Shelving is a New Standard for Modern Kitchen and We Hope the Trend is Here to Stay!






Why Not Bring a Homey Feeling With the Presence of Your Personalized Decor

Charming Farmhouse Decor with customized colors that accent your decor.


Bring in a symbol of personal growth, strength and beauty with a Tree of Life Wall Decor.
Classic Anchor Sign customized with your family name.


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