5 Tips to Creating Your First-Ever Gallery Wall

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5 Tips to Creating Your First-Ever Gallery Wall

A picture here and there looks beautiful on a crisp white wall, but a captivating gallery wall can change the entire look and feel of a room, and completely modernize your home. 

Finding the photographs or the pieces of art you want to embellish on your walls is usually the easy part, its the where, the how and the what that can be the tricky and often overwhelming part that many of us face. 

That’s why we’re sharing our top five tips to building your first-ever gallery wall to ensure a result that is a beautiful, modern, and stylish gallery wall. 

Choose the right location

It’s best to choose a wall where you have enough space to play around with, but also make sure its somewhere you know your art and images will be appreciated. We love the idea of having a gallery wall in an unusual place such as the kitchen or perhaps on the staircase, like iamhayleystuart has done in her home. 

gallery wall
Source: @iamhayleystuart

Don’t be afraid to use different sizes and styles of frames 

Adding a perfect grid of matching shapes and styles is a great way to build a gallery wall for those who like order and precision. However, using completely different styles and sizes of frames will provide you with more of an eclectic gallery wall, like ebth shows us in this photo below.

Source: @ebth

Add a cutout sign for complete uniqueness

Don’t stop at frames. Add a cut-out sign for something that will stand out and make your gallery wall truly different from others. Check out our range of customizable cut-out signs to make your gallery wall completely unique. 

Be consistent with your photography

By this, we mean either make all the photographs your hanging either full color, or make them all black and white. Whilst mixing the layout and frames can give it a great eclectic feel, mixing photo types can be a messy overkill. We love how alicepark has demonstrated this in her kitchen by using only black and white photographs. 

Source: @alicepark


Add a Focal Point 

Adding a focal point to your gallery wall, such as the largest piece of art/photograph, or a clock, or perhaps the cut-out sign (in some cases, people add the TV screen as the focal point) is one of the easiest ways to build a gallery wall as it allows you to build outwards from there and gives you a beautiful focal point. 

Source: @mindy_schroor

What would your focal point be? What kind of style will be going with? Eclectic and mixed or an orderly grid?

Make your home as unique as you are and share your wall designs with us at @quietwoodscreations on Instagram!

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