Barndominium: 21 Dream Decor Ideas

Barndominium: 21 Dream Decor Ideas

A Barndominium - nicknamed Barndo - is a barn converted into a beautiful home. The word is literally a combination of "barn" and "condominium”. These gorgeous romantic structures were initially intended for homing farm animals but now offer up big beautiful living spaces for us human beings.


They have become increasingly popular for being affordable, energy-efficient and low maintenance homes. And whilst that may be true, we love these dreamy homes for their rustic features, high ceilings, vast wall space and cosy decor - essentially the perfect recipe for a fabulous farmhouse! 

We’ve gathered some absolute dream Barndominium decor inspiration...

Barndominium homes offer up the opportunity to create your big dream kitchen. @kitchendesignclients

This outdoor Barndominium space is perfect for gatherings, check out that fire! @jessie_rush_norman

Open space divided up into areas - it looks incredible.  @ssrealestatetraveler

We love these high slope ceilings. @carterfamilyranchhome

We love the contrast of textures in this Barndominium - brick, wood, carpet, oh my! @wild_west_life

Who needs walls when we can use rugs to determine a space. @jessie_rush_norman

The Barndominium is an opportunity for so much light to pour into a home. @kellyanne_kwbroker


These hanging lights are gorgeous! @ourscandinavianbarn

A complete mix of rustic charm with modern & minimalist. @maggiesheffielddoesit

We adore the log cabin feel to this Barndominium. @barndominiumlife

More mixed materials and textures in this high ceiling iron ore kitchen (if iron ore is your thing, check out this post). @devolkitchens

Such a pretty Barndominium, we especially love the barrel. @thecowshedcrail

This particular Barndominium has such a vintage feel to it. @tickingstripehome

The ultimate modern Barndominium. @thedenandnow

Such an elegant Barndominium kitchen - those chairs!

More gorgeous hanging lights. @devolkitchens

We love this style and trend so much, we've selected some products we think would make the perfect decor for your Barndominium home...

An adventurous Sign for an adventurous home! Check out our Adventure Cutout 3D Sign

"Always come home" - this 3D sign says it all!

Welcome your guests into your Barndominium home with our Welcome Word Cutout 3D Sign

Check out our full collection for more decor ideas and inspiration. 

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