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23 Charming Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bedrooms are a cozy escape from the rest of the world and should be a place you love spending time in. They also need to be functional, clean, and made for a deep night's sleep. We gathered some charming bedroom decor ideas to help you add an extra touch to your perfect sleep den.

We tried to round up elements of design that you can add to your current bedroom. A new sign or pop of color can really make all the difference to your master bedroom.

One thing all these designs have in common? They're charming and oh so cozy!

Add a Dramatic Rug

bedroom decor

This rug brings some pattern elements into this gorgeous bedroom design by @alittledosofjen.


@beyond_gray adds extra color and texture with this tribal style rug.

bedroom decorThis is another great use of texture and added patterns in an otherwise simple room. Design by @littlesuburbanfarmhouse.

bedroom decor

This is a great way @wellnestedhome uses a rug to soften a dark wood floor.

Large Sign Above the Bed

bedroom decor

This antique sign from @alittledoesofjen is a great way of adding charming farmhouse style to a simple bedroom.

@jessleighartist propped up our "I love us" sign above their bed as a charming reminder of their love. (We are in love with this kitty.)

bedroom decor

Another adorable reminder of your love with this "always & forever" sign above the bedroom. Decor from @rainandpineblog.

Add Some Plants

bedroom decor

This bedroom is bright and clean! @homebypolly uses the greenery to add some color and freshness.

bedroom decor

@mysouthern_farmhouse adds a pop of yellow with these dried flowers, bringing in the colors from the bedding in a subtle way.


This is a great way that @elbgestoeber adds to a small space with some fresh, natural decor.

Mirror or Windows Above Side Tables

bedroom decor

@bridgewaydesigns does a great job of creating symmetry with this decorative mirrors above the side tables.

 This window/mirror combo with the distressed paint by @thecottagescribe is stunning! 

bedroom decor

One of the great things about the mirrored windows is that it can add the sense of open space, like this design by @thegatewayhome.

 bedroom decor

This is a beautiful way that @gatheredgrace adds texture to the wall and frames the bed.

Wooden Plank Accent Walls

bedroom decor

This is a subtle way to do a wooden plank wall, with a clean whitewash that keeps the texture without the drama by @willowbloomhome.

bedroom decor

This plank pattern by @greenacresfarmhouse is stunning and really adds a bright, dramatic touch to this room.

@hallie_and_harrisons_house has a lot of gorgeous color in this room, so the white planks are a clever way to keep the walls interesting without distracting from the bedding colors.

bedroom decor

This is another gorgeous whitewashed design by @lifeamongthecedars along with the use of our "i love us" farmhouse sign.

Add a Pop of Bold Color

bedroom decor

This distressed, green dressed by @cassandradesign adds a bright touch to a black and white room.

@shabby_and_charme adds the pop of blue with this lovely throw blanket in a mostly whitewashed room.

bedroom decor

This bedroom by @cornish_homebird is full of bright colors and the bold blue on the wall really brings it all together!

 A Brilliant Chandelier

bedroom decor

Take your bedroom up a notch by adding a dramatic light fixture or chandelier, like this gorgeous bedroom by @decorgold.

Unique Wall Hangings

bedroom decor

We weren't quite sure how to describe this design by @bamaluzhome other than to way we adore it. The simple wood tones and decorative wall is such a great combo.

Add a Bedroom Gallery Wall

bedroom decor

This pink gallery wall by @casadechorlts adds vibrancy to a small bedroom and is a ton of fun!

What do you think? How could you add a touch of charm to your own bedroom at home?

Remember - decorating should be fun and exciting! If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with finding the exact wall decor for your needs, check out our custom designs!

All our wooden signs can be customized to fit your needs - pick your words and colors that bring your room together.

Happy decorating!

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