How to Upgrade Your Entryway: 6 Simple, Yet Brilliant Ideas

How to Upgrade Your Entryway: 6 Simple, Yet Brilliant Ideas

We believe home decor to be a visual representation of you and your family, of your style, your personalities and your uniqueness. Whether it’s a big snuggly sofa for the whole family to cuddle up on, or a beautiful farmhouse bench in the kitchen holding memories of many family meals; we can learn so much about a family, simply by being present inside their beautiful homes.

But what about the entryway? It’s the first sighting of our style, it’s the place where we greet our guests, it’s the area of our home where we first land after a hard days work.

The entryway should be comforting to all and yet unique to the family it belongs to. That’s why we’ve put together six ideas as to how you can personalize and upgrade your entryway…

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Add a family shoe rack 

Walking into mess is never a great way to arrive ‘home-sweet-home’ or leave a great impression on your guests. Decrease the clutter by adding a family shoe rack, or perhaps even making one yourself. We love how this family used a vertical storage system to save on space!

Entryway Lighting 

Adding fairy or string lights to both the outside or the inside of your house is not only a great way to upgrade on a budget, but it can a create a beautiful entryway, especially for the fall season. 

Add a custom greeting sign 

Greet everyone who walks through your day with a warm welcome and make them feel completely at home by adding your own wall sign. We have a selection of beautiful signs that you can customize - what would your greeting be? 

Loving the 'Welcome' sign in this photo? Grab it here and customize the colors to your choice.

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Paint a chalkboard walk 

Use chalkboard paint to create your own chalkboard wall and start getting creative. By doing this, you can customize your entryway every single day with notes, greetings, family schedules or just fun family doodles. 

Upgrade your door handle

After what we can only imagine is years of being, well, handled, your door handle may need an upgrade. Just by changing up your door handle with a brand new look, maybe a bright color change or perhaps a new material, your entryway can have outstanding changes to it’s overall feel and look.

Add a custom doorhanger 

Add a really personal touch by adding a doorhanger to your front door, customized with your family name. We think this is a classy touch to the door of any family home. Check out our different styles. 

Which one of the above ideas is your favorite simple but brilliant entryway upgrade? We’d love to know in the comments below. 

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