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Plant Decor: 11 Best Friends for your Plants

Plants are no longer just for the garden, we can bring their gracious green goodness into our homes and they literally add life to each room they're displayed in. Especially when you pair them alongside a beautiful accessory of some sort.

That's why we’ve gathered 11 best friend ideas for your plants, that will bring bright & beautiful charm to your home...

Bowls & Baskets 

Forget pots, your greenery can now be planted in beautiful bowls and handmade baskets and hung on walls or even from the ceiling. 


@polishedleaves combines both and displays plants in a hanging bowl.



@outsidetheboxdecor uses the entryway and coat hanger to display a beautiful hanging basket of flowers


We adore the simplicity of the this hanging plant basket by @joeandthecompany

Cabinet Displays

Standing tall and proud, cabinets are no longer displaying unique ornaments and antiques, the plants are taking over and we love it.


@aroids_and_greenliving style their cabinet by creating a shelf for different sized plants.  


@fleurrell gets wild and displays plants both inside and outside the cabinet.

Get Arty

We believe art and plants go hand in hand, helping each other to bring out their beauty and colours. 


We absolutely love the funky arts, frames and pots put together in this nook by @gracecooper.creative


Simple but effective, well done @sewtheseed 

Wall Signs & Messages 

We think our beautiful wall signs, both framed and unframed, make the perfect plant accessory. Check out more of our wall art here.

The Classic Coffee Table


If cabinets and hanging baskets aren't your thing, @plant_plarenthood shows us that your coffee table can be the perfect accessory for your plants - not the other way around! 

More Plants!

And finally, a best friend for the perfect plant, could also be - MORE PLANTS! As proven by below


Did you spot a bestie for your plant? Or maybe a new style of plant you’d like to add to your home? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out our other products and ideas and see if you can match any to your current house plants.

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