20 Decorating Ideas for Kitchen and Dining Room

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20 Decorating Ideas for Kitchen and Dining Room

Looking for some inspiration for your kitchen or dining room makeover? We've gathered an amazing list for you! Whether you're looking for a complete remodel or an extra touch of magic, these decorating ideas for kitchen and dining rooms.

Looking to add color? Change up a dull wall above your coffee station? Or need some back splash ideas? This list has it all.

We've found the top Instagram kitchen trends of 2020, from farmhouse signs to indoor wreaths. What's your favorite decorating idea for kitchen and dining rooms this year?

 Giant Farmhouse Signs

Source: @fallons.homestead

These giant board signs can add a dramatic touch to crisp white walls. The "market" sign is perfect for any dining room, kitchen, or pantry wall decor.

Source: @alittledoseofjen

This is a great way to combine a large sign and the addition of a mirror. Large mirrors can help the room to look bigger and is an ideal add on to a smaller dining room.

Like the market sign, a large coffee sign is an adorable way to accessorize the wall above your beverage cart. Not into morning brew? Swap it for a tea version to fit your needs.

Grab this framed coffee sign here.

Add an Indoor Wreath

Who says wreaths can only go on the wrong door? There's a new trend bringing the seasonal and year-round wreaths indoors.

Source: @mrshancock3

This burlap wreath is a great touch for a farmhouse dining room all year round or can be used as a seasonal touch in the fall. The autumn tones in this floral arrangement really add to the color scheme.

Source: @greeneacresfarmhouse

This simple, thin wreath is a great way to add a touch of color to the kitchen without being too much. For the basic white kitchen, a delicate touch of color can add a bit of softness to the space.

Source: @whiteblossomhome

Loving the green wreath on top of this glass pantry door. We couldn't decide what we adored most - the wreath or the large farmhouse sign, but this is definitely a winning look!

Source: @ourwintonhome

If you noticed some of our other top pics, wreaths above the stove is an awesome way to add some color or greenery to a simple, white kitchen. Also, loving the sign, "happiness is homemade."

Pops of Color in the Kitchen

We have so many white kitchen - where's the color? Check out these awesome ideas!

Source: @boneill_athome

This colorful backsplash is such a fun way to try different wall tiles in the kitchen. What we love most? The way the color matches the cabinets on the center island. Gorgeous!

Source: @deevine_imaginations

Don't want to paint the whole wall? Why not add a dramatic pop of color on by painting the pantry door in your kitchen? The wreaths also help to bring out the green tones without adding anything else to the space.

Source: @cornish_homebird

You can also be bold by painting the wall a beautiful, bright color. We love the colorful art work that perfectly matches the wall color and added accessories on the tabletops.


Source: @bigfamilylittlefarmhouse

More green tones! Loving the way this family painted the pallets on this island cabinet to bring color into the otherwise white space. Can we also mention - the hanging kitchen sign is pretty great too.

Unique Decorating Ideas

These are some ways to add wall decor without hanging a sign as usual.

Source: @caligirlinasouthernworld

The hanging wooden cutting boards are wonderful! You can hang the ones you use regularly or pick up some old ones at a thrift or antique store.

Source: @marissabrianne3

Who says signs need to hang on the wall? This adorable block hangry side is the cutest way to add something extra onto the countertops or a center island. 

Source: @__katharinamaria

This is another cute decorating idea with the cutting board, but what we adore most is the cook book! A clever cookbook can be a great way to decorate a countertop instead of using a framed photo.

Source: @decoracionlira

The hanging baskets on this dining room wall add a unique storage and display option for room in the house. This is a unique way to paint the crate, with the white paint on the outside and the raw wood on the inside.

Add Some Greenery

We love the way these designers have added foliage and floral arrangement to their kitchens and dining rooms in a unique way.

Source: @sandracozycottage 

This is a great way to do something with the space above your tall kitchen cabinets - add a little foliage to brighten up the space. It looks great and it's better than dust.

Loving this gather sign? Grab this great addition here.

Source: @cassandradesign

Did you see the foliage in this one? It's hanging on the light fixture above the table. So clever! We also loved the pop of color with these light blue chairs.

Source: @bridgewaydesigns

Okay, this one isn't so green, but there's a lot of foliage happening! This autumn take is lovely, with the hanging leaves over the cabinet adding a beautiful display of fall colors.

Source: @our_forever_farmhouse

This kitchen has little pops of green all over the place, which is such a gorgeous and subtle way to add some outdoor love to an indoor space. We also adore the dramatic tile here.

Source: @sweethoneycottage

This was my favorite place to find foliage - on the top of this adorable cow head. This is such a fun way to add to a farmhouse style kitchen and we're digging the autumn inspiration in this space.


We hope you enjoyed this amazing list of kitchen and dining room decorating ideas. Which one was your favorite?

You can add to your kitchen with an amazing farmhouse inspired sign with any of our designs found here. Custom orders are also our favorite!

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