About Us

Nestled between the majestic White Mountains and the picturesque Lakes Region of New Hampshire you’ll find the small town of Danbury, home of Quiet Woods Creations.

In 2012, the Lord led our family from Connecticut to put down roots in New Hampshire.  We bought a 200-acre farm with a blueberry orchard and started building our new life here. At the front of our idyllic farm lies the centuries old farmhouse and barn with the most awe-inspring views of beautiful New Hampshire country; it’s the cornerstone of our developed land and the center of activity for our family. As you make your way through the forest and up the mountain, your path will lead you to Quiet Woods Trail.  Quiet Woods Trail is the name of the road we built where our family is making our forever homes, our foundations, and the legacy we hope will connect us together for generations.

Our family has many small businesses that we all participate in to varying degrees, but the one that truly brings us all together is Quiet Woods Creations; it has a place for all of us from the technical to the craftsman, the creative to the practical, parents and children, husbands and wives…we all have our talents and a place to express ourselves.

The family trade has long been in building, carpentry, and woodworking, so we take great care in preserving that tradition with inspiring designs and quality products that are often displayed in our own homes. Let us make something to help you bring the serenity of the Quiet Woods of New Hampshire to your home.